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Web Design

I have 3 years of experience working as a web designer. I’ve built personal websites as well as designed new homepages for all of Tender Corporation’s brands. In addition to those outlets, I do web design work for private clients or in collaberation with SEO strategists whose clients need new web spaces. I design for both from scratch builds and ones that will be using sites like Wordpress or Shopify. Each have their own limitations and benefits.

All of my web design projects are created with an understanding of development limitations and my solutions are designed to work in a mobile first, responsive setting.

Natrapel Insect Repellent Homepage Design

Natrapel is one of Tender Corporation’s insect repellent products. It doesn’t use deet, so it’s safe for your gear, and won’t melt fishing line. This is not the lead container for, but displays information in a way that incpororates the background behind it, which provides a nice cohesive look.

Natrapel Site

Survive Outdoors Longer Homepage

Survive Outdoors Longer is the grittiest of Tender Corporation’s outdoor brands.. Even the old designs broke away from the style being used previously. The new design picks up fresh branded elements and brings more outdoor lifestyle imagery to the brand.

SOL homepage design image

Lupulin Box Site Design

In addition to mockups created in photoshop, I can also work in Sketch to create mockups for both desktop and mobile design solutions.

Lupulin Box designed on sketch


Hivemind Mead

Hivemind Mead Homepage

Hivemind Mead is the online home of my homebrewing blog. It’s grown fairly substantially over the past two years to 1-2k hits / mo

Clearwater NC

Clearwater NC

Clearwater was revamping their aquarium service business page. I worked with them and Raleigh Digital Media to deliver a Wordpress Site they were very happy with.