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Print Design

They say print is dead, but if we think back to science class, we know that matter can not be created or destroyed; only changed. Today, print design typically supports some form of web effort, but it's still alive and well at the end of the day. I have 7 years of experience desigining printed media ranging from catalogs and direct mail to logos, ads and tradeshow signage.

Catalogs & Books

Catalog Design

AMK Dealer Workbook

The Adventure Medical Kits workbook is a bi-annual catalog that features new and existing products. It's targeted to dealers and distributors. Content is added and subtracted, so the layout revoles rather than starting from scratch every 6 months.

Book Layouts

Book layout

Wild Mead is a self-published book about meadmaking. This route allowed me to experience all phases of the process from writing to editing, approving proofs and finally marketing the book for sale to the general public.

Advertising Design

Ads recquire a different focus when it comes to design. First of all, you tend to need some kind of contrast whether it's being loud in a quite environment, or whispering in a noisy setting. I take the brand, audience, and placement into account when designing ads. This example is highly visual and attention grabbing. It was being placed in an industrial safety magazine.

Bens Repellent design ad

Large Format & Trade Shows

Netflix Infographic

NETFlix infogrpahic

Tradeshow Banner

SOL Tradeshow Banner

Press Release Infographic

HBS Infographic

Soft Sell Publication

Angkor Wat Soft Sell

One soft-sell featured article was designed for each of Grand Circle’s 100+ trips. The goal of these were not to sell a specific trip, but instead generate interest in travel, and the region. Each one was between 4 and 8 pages long and mailed in a clear envelope to display the designer’s work on the cover. We had free range for each individual article, so they were a lot of fun to work on. They primarily targetted households who didn’t respond well to more direct sales communications.

Angkor Wat Soft Sell